Unit 25 Reading Activity Plus Questions

Read the following text and then complete the activities that follow.

MegaHyperCoin, a Fintech Startup Short Story

Daniel took a sip of his coffee, taking in a deep breath. The coffee felt cold and a bit too sweet. Convincing his old friend about the new investment was taking longer than he expected. He sighed, set his cup of coffee down on the table, and decided to give it one last try.

"Look Martin, I know that you've heard stories about the dark web, pump and dump schemes, and money laundering. But, that's not what blockchain is all about. MegaHyperCoin can replace a lot of inefficient systems such as cross-border payments. And it can be fungible as well, making it just as anonymous and private as cold hard cash."


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"We hope you have noticed that this site is not like the others. It is free from advertising, spyware, and annoying clickbait. Therefore, we rely 100% on our user base for financial support. In fact, this site would not exist without the support of our hundreds of loyal subscribers. Your support begins with a free registration. Thank you."

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Quiz: Reading Questions

1. The double spend problem is difficult to solve without a blockchain or trusted third party.
2. All shitcoins are altcoins, but not all altcoins are shitcoins.
3. One bitcoin is always worth 100 million satoshis.
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