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“I have found the site very helpful indeed. Certainly it is going to improve my English as well as easing my teaching.”
- Kakaire Charles, Saudi Arabia
“Without a shred of doubt, this is the most precious source to teach English I could find online”
- Walid Kefali, INSFP Algeria
“I teach English to young software developers. We use your site on a very regular basis. It is very user-friendly and useful.”
- Bernard Deconinck, Belgium
“Thanks for your great website! It is very helpful for me to manage students. Thank you very much!”
- Yaser Teymurzade, Azerbaijan
“Thank you for this wonderful platform!”
- Valentina Chen, Italy
“This site gives a lot of resources and information and has become an indispensable tool.”
- Nashipu Julius Pepandze, Lecturer, University of Cameroon
“The reaction of my students was exceptionally positive. They like it so much; that some of them asked to include your materials in every single class we conduct together.
- Ольга Дунаєвська, Ukraine
“I believe that this course is very important for teachers or lecturers who teach English for IT students. It’s very helpful. Thanks!”
- Muhammad Wajiran, University of Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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