Unit 1 Reading Activities Plus Questions

Read the following text and then complete the activities that follow.

Essential English for IT

Hello and welcome to English 4 IT!

In this course, you will learn to understand, speak, and write the words required to function in an English speaking IT job or University study program.

The course is organized into many units covering a wide area of IT topics. To complete a unit, you need to learn the new vocabulary and then complete the activities.

In this first unit, there are only 10 vocabulary words you need to learn. The vocabulary words are normally presented in a short reading or dialogue format. Here is a really short reading as an example:

    Information Technology 101

    "Good morning students! Today I want to talk about application development. As you know, to begin you need a good computer with solid components. Having the right hardware will help you to develop quality software that works without crashing.

    I always follow certain rules when I build a new app:

    1. The data for the application should be stored in a relational database
    2. Customers should be able to buy my application on the Internet
    3. The software should work without any extra peripherals
    4. The program should be designed to work with or without a solid network connection.

    By following these simple rules, you can write great applications that work for everyone.

    The end.

Now, most readings will be longer than that, but as you can see, the underlined key unit words are clickable and bring up definitions and example sentences. Although you should understand all the words in all readings, you are only responsible for learning the underlined words to pass the unit!

As a final notice, students who complete the study program with a passing grade will get a downloadable and printable Certificate of Completion. You can post it on your wall, put it on your LinkedIn page, facebook, CV, resume, etc.

Now please get started by completing the activities that follow this reading.

Thank you and have fun using English 4 IT!

Quiz: Reading Questions

1. Applications are never software.
2. Components are pieces of hardware.
3. A computer doesn’t work without peripherals.
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