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What is the English4IT course?
This course is a special English language program designed to help you learn important Information Technology and other job-related language skills.

What are “Certificates”?
Certificates are awarded automatically when a student completes any module with a grade of 85% or higher.  Note: Sometimes teachers will disable or delay certificates for any number of reasons. In that case you will need to contact them and get the exact reason.

What are “Modules”?
A Module is a just group of Units organized by subject. 

What are “Units”?
A Unit is just a collection of Activities organized by theme.

What are “Activities”?
An Activity is an interactive lesson where you learn and practice new vocabulary. Some are grades and some are. pass/fail. 

What are Vocabulary Terms
Vocabulary Terms are the building blocks of activities and units. They are just important "words, phrases, and concepts" in the area you are studying.

Can I change my Account type from Student to Teacher or Vice-Versa?
No sorry,  but you can just delete your account and create a new one.

Does this course teach USA English or UK English?
All pronunciations of key terms are given in both USA and UK English. Spelling, grammar and usage is either UK or USA English depending on the unit author. We are planning to have all spelling in both USA and UK variants by the end of 2023.

What pronunciations are available?
All pronunciations of key terms are given in both USA and UK English. We are planning to add more popular dialects soon including Irish, Australian, and Indian.

I lost my password. Help!
Any user can reset their password by using the "lost password" link on the Login Page, provided that they still have access to their email account. If you don't get any email, please check your spam folder.

How do I delete my Account?
Sign in to your account and select My Account -> My Profile from the top menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a red button to delete your account. If you click this button, all your personal information will be erased and completely "forgotten" by our system. This is a GDPR-compliant solution which cannot be undone.Thanks for trying us out... and sorry to see you go!

How does this course work?
Students begin by choosing a Unit from the Main Menu and completing the activities. It is probably best to do the activities in order — starting with the Vocabulary Activity and ending with the Writing Activity.

What is the Student TRIAL?
The Student TRIAL is what you get for FREE when you register as a Student. It gives you access to two full units with no teacher.

How do I join a classroom?
If your teacher gave you a Class Key you can enter it on the Join Classroom page. If you don't have a teacher you can buy a SOLO Edition license.

I don't want a teacher! How can I study by myself?
Good news. The SOLO Edition will allow you to take the program by yourself without a teacher. Visit the Shop for more details.

How do I get certified as a Classroom Student?
You will earn a downloadable Certificate of Completion when you complete an entire module of units with an average grade of 85% or higher.  Note that some teachers may disable or delay the certificates. If you are unsure please email them.

I finished the course! Where is my certificate?
You can download your Certificate of Completion from the bottom of the main page (when you login) or else on your profile page.

What is the Teacher DEMO?
The Teacher DEMO allows FREE access to a limited number of full units for you and your students. There is no time limit or expiration. We do this so you know exactly what you are getting before you subscribe to our service. ☺

What are “Classrooms”?
Classrooms are the way you organize and manage your student groups.  All settings can be applied for each Classroom individually, which enables a custom experience depending on  the specific needs of the group. These customizations include: 

  • Enable or Disable main features such as Classroom Wall, Student Visibility, Certificates, and more.
  • Custom learning paths where you decide which units and activities are shown to the students.
  • Adjust the Activity difficulty and toggle things like Help and Restarts.
  • Customize certificates with your custom text and school branding.
So you see, how you facilitate your lessons with our platform, is completely up to you. ☺ 

What are “Student Seats”?
Student Seats are the amounts of virtual “places” a Teacher receives to enrol Students, when subscribing to any Tier licence in each purchased Module. With an active licence, Students enrolled in a Classroom have instantly access to all content (if not otherwise restricted by the Teacher), with most Features enabled by default.When a licence expires, Students will only have access to restricted TRIAL content & no further progress is possible, until the subscription is renewed…

How do I enrol my Students in a Classroom?
We have three ways to enrol students

  • The easiest and most basic way is student self-enrollment with the Classroom Key which is automatically generated for every new Classroom instance. You can view/modify the Classroom Key on the Classroom tab. Teachers should share the key with their Students, then the students simply need to register for a FREE student account, click JOIN CLASS and then enter the Classroom Key
  • Another way is to use the Quick Add tool where you can add a single student by email address.
  • The final way is to use the Bulk Student Add tool where you use a spreadsheet to import multiple students.

How is the Teacher Editions different from the SOLO Edition?
The SOLO Edition is a special version of the program for students or industry professionals who either want to do the course without a teacher or just want to use it as a reference.

Help! My student's name is spelled wrong on the certificate!
To adjust the name on a Certificate simply go to the Profile page and change the student's name. The Certificate should update to reflect the changes.

How do I manage my subscription?
Login to your account and click My Account -> My License. This will take you the Stripe Billing Portal where you can cancel/resume your subscription, change credit cards, addresses, and much more.

What happens when I pause/cancel my subscription?
When a subscription is paused/canceled the students cannot complete any new activities. But nothing actually gets erased.  All progress is available including any issued certificates. If/when the subscription is resumed then everything is exactly the same as before it was paused/canceled. 

What are “Licence Tiers”?
Tiers are the “Levels” of our Modules & Packages available. They come in the following “sizes”, with extra Features added in higher Tiers:Basic: 40 Student Seats & 2 ClassroomsAdvanced: 100 Student Seats & 5 ClassroomsPro+: 200 Student Seats & 10 Classrooms

How do I get receipts?
Receipts should be automatically emailed out after each transaction. But if you need another just visit the Customer Portal or email us.

What is English4IT Solo Edition?
The SOLO Edition is a special version of this program that does not require a teacher in order to complete it.

How long will it take to finish the course?
Each unit takes about an hour to to complete. Of course it can take longer if your level of English is lower.

How is the SOLO Edition different from other versions?
The other versions are made for teachers, schools, or enterprise customers. They are more expensive and include many student seats and a virtual classroom tool.

How do I get certified with the SOLO Ediiton?
You will earn a downloadable Certificate of Completion when you complete an entire module of units with an average grade of 85% or higher.  You can try as many times as you like while your license is valid.

How long is my license valid for?
Solo license last typically for one year and renew until you cancel. You can see your license details my clicking on My License link under your account.

I have question you didn't answer!
Please contact us and we will add it to FAQ as soon as possible.

What is the Enterprise Edition?
The Enterprise Edition is the most feature-rich version of the program you can currently buy. It's like having your own online school without any of the cost or time of custom development. Contact us for more details. Features:

  • Your logo and site branding (web site & certificates)
  • Custom domain or subdomain (e.g.
  • Enhanced admin panels
  • Prioritized support

What other FAQs are relevant for Enterprise customers?
You should be familiar with the Student and Teacher FAQs as well. We don't cover those topics to avoid repetition.

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