Unit 19 Reading Activities Plus Questions

Read the following text and then complete the activities that follow.

A Controversial IT Purchase

People often use funny slang and abbreviations in chats and other social situations. Typically, there is a relaxed attitude towards the rules of grammar. The following is a chat transcript between an older grumpy senior developer and a younger intermediate developer. They are discussing a recent hardware acquisition.

Please note that you should not use slang with unfamiliar people. Using slang is not professional and can be taken badly by some people. You have been warned!

*-- The Bunion --*: Did you hear what happened? We had to buy some new hardware last month to run that new killer app that management thought was so important.

Deadly Avenger: Really? What was wrong with the old hardware?

*-- The Bunion --*: It was too old to be used anymore, apparently. I told them the hardware requirements for the new CRM system BEFORE they bought it. Now they need to upgrade the whole internal network as well.

DeadlyAvenger: What are they gonna upgrade to?

*-- The Bunion --*: You won't believe it. A whole truckload of brand new Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel Xeon processors. And a 10 gbps ethernet connection hooking everything together.

DeadlyAvenger: Cool. That sounds like some real leading edge stuff.

*-- The Bunion --*: Whatever. We could have saved a lot of money by staying on the old software platform. It was good enough to make any CRM geek happy.

DeadlyAvenger: Let me get this straight. You're complaining about management buying new hardware? The old hardware was totally EOL.

*-- The Bunion --*: It's such a PHB move to spend so much on replacing a perfectly functioning CRM platform. The CTO probably read a shiny pamphlet at a trade show in San Francisco, had a few drinks over dinner, and then immediately signed the contract.

DeadlyAvenger: You might be stuck in the past, but the code monkeys in the developer room will be salivating over the new equipment. Now they can rewrite their spaghetti code into more object-oriented goodness.

*-- The Bunion --*: I don't mean to be a pita, but I checked out the user reviews of that new release and people say it's fundamentally horked. Newer does not always mean better. It doesn't pay to be an early adopter.

DeadlyAvenger: That may well be true. I thought maybe we should have hosted the new application in the cloud. That's what all the trendsetters are doing nowadays. And people from remote offices would like that because they would get quicker load times.

*-- The Bunion --*: The cloud? Are you serious? What about security? You are such a fanboy of every new IT fad that comes along.

DeadlyAvenger: At least I am not a troll. You are trying to start a flame war on the company intranet discussion forum in order to show upper management how much you are trying to save money.

*-- The Bunion --*: Well, we didn't exactly have a great financial year so far. Now the whole IT department will be busy upgrading instead of solving our customers' true needs.

DeadlyAvenger: Admit it. If it were up to you, we'd all still be on mainframes programming COBOL.

*-- The Bunion --*: Hahahaha. Yeah I guess you're right. But saving the company money is the only effective way I know of proving I deserve a raise every year.

DeadlyAvenger: Or you could end up proving that you are a cranky old man and get yourself relocated to the Accounting department ;)

*-- The Bunion --*: Whatever. You guys wouldn't last two weeks without me here!

DeadlyAvenger: Maybe you're right. I gotta go now. Bye.

*-- The Bunion --*: Howdy.

Quiz: Reading Questions

1. An early adopter is someone who’s obsessed with leading edge technology
2. Every well-coded app has its fair share of of spaghetti code.
3. Trolls are real pita until the world's EOL.
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