Unit 28: Vocabulary

Please study the 20 vocabulary below and press the 'Mark Complete' button.
a proven track record
documented success in similar positions
If you want to get a job at a reputable company you need have a proven track record.
burgeoning solopreneur
a single person beginning to successfully build a company
While traditional entrepreneurs spend time making connections, a burgeoning solopreneur spends his days doing a bit of everything
business expenses
costs incurred in the ordinary course of business
Office equipment and travel costs are considered business expenses and not subject to tax in the same way as personal expenses such as shampoo or food.
catchy tagline
a marketing phrase meant to be unique and memorable
Apple's catchy tagline is "think different", which signifies that their users are creative people who do not "follow the crowd" like Windows users.
co-working space
a shared office environment intended for small startups; normally providing a desk, conference rooms, and coffee
The entrepreneur could not afford his own office so he rented a spot at a local co-working space.
confident mindset
the feeling of being in control of one's own destiny
A confident mindset and good personal grooming habits can be the difference between success and failure.
long-term basis
continuing for many years
The 10-year study looked at business habits on a long-term basis.
memorable blog post
An online article or post that was hard to forget
It is rare that one reads a memorable blog post nowadays, most of them are just quickly generated fluff stuffed with SEO keywords.
night owl
someone who stays up late and sleeps later than normal people
Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, you still need to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep to perform optimally.
occasional unpaid invoice
a rare case when a client doesn't pay you or you don't pay a supplier
An occasional unpaid invoice won't sink your company, but it can hurt your cash flow.
pricing anxiety
fear that one is charging too little or too much for a product or service
Pricing anxiety can be managed by offering different levels of service depending on the needs of the client.
pricing conundrum
a puzzling situation involving how much to charge your customers
A typical pricing conundrum is whether to set prices lower and focus on quantity, or set prices higher and focus on quality.
prospective client
a potential customer that you may or not get
If you are not getting any of your prospective clients, you need to change your strategy.
self-employment taxes
money paid to the government for the "right to work", often going towards health care and unemployment services
Many new entrepreneurs underestimate self-employment taxes and end up owing a lot of money to the tax authority at the end of the year.
SEO expert
a person who works to improve a company's visibility and ranking on search engines
Although there are legitimate ways to improve your organic traffic, many SEO experts are often just trying to sell ads or links.
solid pep talk
a strongly spoken attempt from a superior to get positive results from a depressed or under performing employee.
The salesman needed a solid pep talk after he lost a major client due to the illness of his child.
task management tools
software that can help keep track of things to do, ongoing projects, and goals
Task management tools can help organize people to keep them on the right track.
upcoming gig
an event in the near future
Don't let an upcoming gig make you cocky, often other people don't care.
wiggle room
space for negotiation or change
The due date on the project had little wiggle room for either production delays or scope changes.
worthy nonprofit
a organization with a good reputation whose main goal is not to make money for stakeholders
Sometimes you need to do a lot of research to differentiate a scam from a worthy nonprofit.
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