Unit 27: Vocabulary

Please study the 17 vocabulary below and press the 'Mark Complete' button.
at the core of
central to
At the core of the problem was a broken router.
developer of project management frameworks and methodologies including ITIL, PRINCE2, and MSP.
AXELOS is a joint venture by the UK government a private company called Capita.
to repeatedly ask for something in an annoying way
The sysadmin yelled at the junior developer who was constantly bugging him to upgrade his server without starting a trouble ticket.
made up of something
pages full of text and pictures comprise the bulk of matter in most books.
Continual Service Improvement
an ITIL method to improve an IT operations over time
Continual Service Improvement is part of the ITIL The 7 step improvement process.
the supporting or basic structure of something
a software framework helps developers solve commonly recurring problems such as authentication
a set of detailed practices for helping IT practices work well with business expectation
ITIL allows an organization to establish a baseline from which it can plan, implement, and measure performance.
keep something afloat
hold something in minimal working condition
The accounting department could barely keep the company afloat after the investors pulled their line of credit at the bank.
keep the lights on
perform necessary daily tasks
Keeping the lights on during the holidays required three full time IT staff.
keep track of all the moving parts
consistently take inventory
The ERP software helped the managers keep track of all the moving parts of the company like stock levels and employee turnover.
ROI (return on investment)
something pays for itself in a short period of time
The ROI on learning CLI editors like Nano, Vim, or Emacs can be very quick indeed for developers over-reliant on GUI interfaces.
Service Design
ITIL group responsible for creating new services and improving existing ones
Service Design staff are often creatives experienced in human-centered design.
Service Operation
ITIL group focusing on maintaining stability in IT systems
The Service Operations process group takes responsibility for new or changed services from the Service Transition group.
Service Portfolio
a complete list of the services managed by an IT department
The Service Portfolio is comprised of multiple parts including: the Service Pipeline, the Service Catalog, and Retired Services.
Service Strategy
ITIL group that plans and guides the overall IT service quality over the long-term
The Service Strategy group is the origin point of new projects and must accurately balance business needs with current market conditions.
Service Transition
ITIL group which ensures that the newly implemented services work with existing systems in production and meet the needs of the end users
The shift from processes to practices in ITIL V4 means organizations have more freedom to define tailor-made Service Transition processes.
through the entire pipeline
from beginning to end
Continuous integration (CI) is an attempt to maintain quality through the entire pipeline of software development.
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