Unit 2: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 15 vocabulary words below.
to end a program or a process before its completion
When the word processor application crashed, the user had to abort the program and lose all his unsaved changes.
an error in a computer program
An average developer will create one bug for every 10 lines of code written.
closed source
software in which the license stipulates that the user cannot see, edit, or manipulate the source code of a software program
I wanted to develop a new feature for the program, but I couldn't because it was closed source.
capable of being used without modification
The IBM 360 was the first commercially successful computer family with a wide range of compatible parts.
a computer failure due to faulty hardware or a serious software bug
The user was advised to reboot the computer after a serious crash in which the computer no longer responded.
end user
a person who uses a product or service on a computer
Developers must maintain a close relationship with end users if they want to have a successful career.
an incorrect action attributable to poor judgment, ignorance, or inattention
The computer reported a "division by zero" error and automatically aborted the program.
to start a program on a computer
The program was set to execute every night at midnight.
something a computer program is "supposed" to do; these are often reasons to use a particular program or upgrade to a more recent version
The man upgraded his copy of Word because of a new feature that allowed him to spell-check documents in Spanish.
IDE (integrated development environment)
an application normally consisting of a source code editor, a compiler and/or interpreter, build-automation tools, and a debugger
The new employee asked his boss to buy him a license for his favorite IDE because there was none installed on his new company laptop.
open source
a program in which the code is distributed allowing programmers to alter and change the original software as much as they like
The article stated that many programmers prefer open source solutions because they can modify features and fix bugs without waiting for an upgrade or patch from the manufacturer.
a person who writes or modifies computer programs or applications
The software company needed to hire three new programmers to help debug their flagship application.
privately developed and owned technology
Because of proprietary code, you may not modify or redistribute the source code of Windows or Macintosh operating systems.
a rule or law which limits or controls something
The video website had content restrictions in place for users under the age of 18.
a measure of how easy or efficient a program is to use
Back in the day, programmers or salespeople would often be responsible for the user experience, but now we assign that task to a properly trained UX designer.
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