Unit 18: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 7 vocabulary words below.
BD (Blu-Ray Disc)
an optical read-only disc storage media format used for data or movie storage with same dimensions as a standard DVD or CD; holds up to 50 GB or 6 times the storage of a DVD.
The name Blu-ray Disc comes from blue-ish colored laser used to read and write data to this type of disc.
CD-ROM (compact disc read only memory)
an optical storage medium which can store approximately 650 MB of read-only data
The CD-ROM has almost been completely replaced by the much more efficient DVD-ROM technology.
DVD (digital versitile disc)
a portable storage medium which can hold between 4.7 and 17 gigabytes of data, often used for storing movies, games, and operating systems
The salesperson said that once he saw a film on DVD, he was never satisfied with VHS technology again.
a portable magnetic storage media enclosed in a plastic sleeve, typically holding 1.4 MB of data
Diskettes are getting rare these days and have all but been replaced by USB flash memory drives.
flash drive
A USB device used for portable data storage, typically between 1 gigabyte and 1 terabyte in size; also known as a USB drive, jump drive, and even a key drive
The man stopped using his floppy disk drive for good when he found out that flash drives are faster, more reliable, and have more storage capacity.
a physical transmission device or storage device of information.
Digital distribution over a network is rapidly replacing removable storage media such as CD-ROM's and DVD-ROM's.
tape drive
A legacy storage device using magnetic ribbon inside a plastic cassette
The system administrator does a DVD-R backup every week, because it's cheaper and more reliable than using a tape drive.
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