Unit 16: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 14 vocabulary words below.
EPROM (erasable programmable read only memory)
a non-volatile (permanent) memory type that is erasable via ultra-violet light and reprogrammable
EPROMs are popular for use in critical firmware applications, such as BIOS's, because they are both non-volatile and they can be updated when necessary.
floppy disk drive
a legacy storage device which can read and write data slowly from a removable magnetic medium (normally 3.5" in diameter and holding 1.44 MB of data)
Floppy disk drives were once included with almost all computers, but are now considered obsolete.
hard disk drive
a storage device using rotating magnetic platters to quickly store and retrieve digital data
A hard disk drive can fail at any time, normally causing data corruption and loss.
magnetic storage
A storage technique using patterns of charged particles on a metallic surface to store data; examples include hard disk drives, tape drives, floppy disk drives
Magnetic drives have been around since the 1950s and are typically used to store large amounts of data.
long-term, persistent, does not require power to retain it's state
The laptop contained 500MB of non-volatile storage.
optical storage
a data storage technique using a pattern of markings on a disc that can be read by a laser; examples include CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM technology
Optical storage is a good choice for distributing software packages because it has a good mix of storage size, portability, and a low cost to manufacture.
quantum memory
an interface between light and matter that allows for the storage and retrieval of entagled photonic qubits
A practical quantum memory solution must be able to reliably store and recall quantum states on demand at room temperature.
RAM (random access memory)
a type of computer memory known for being volatile (temporary) and fast.
My computer was performing slowly when changing programs, so my technician installed more RAM and this solved the problem.
ROM (read-only memory)
a type of memory which is known for being non-volatile (permanent) and fast
The boy gave a puzzled look when the man showed him an old Atari 800 computer ROM cartridge.
semiconductor storage
a type of storage using integrated circuits to store data; examples include RAM, ROM, and flash memory
All computers created today use at least some form of semiconductor storage.
SSD (solid state drive)
a storage device characterized by high speed, no-moving parts, and low energy consumption
Many new laptop models use solid state drives, although they are more expensive and have less capacity than traditional hard disk drives.
SAN (storage area network)
a cluster of storage devices working together to provide shared network storage.
With cloud hosting, your virtual server's performance is often at the mercy of latency in the SAN.
video memory
This is dedicated or shared memory set aside specifically for the graphics processor
Modern games such as GTA V load textures which can fill gigabytes of dedicated video memory.
temporary, requires power to retain it's state
Due to it's volatility, the RAM lost all the data when the user tripped over the power cord.
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