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I love this English course!”
  — Cristina Leal, Colombia
I have found the site helpful indeed. Certainly it is going to improve my IT English as well easing my teaching.”
  — Kakaire Charles, Saudi Arabia
Without a shred of doubt, this is the most precious source to teach English for IT I could find online”
  — Walid Kefali, INSFP Algeria
This website is very useful for developing IT knowledge. It gives the basic skills and is very useful for beginners. I currently use your website for my class.”
  — Veeravan Jongjit Sirijirakal, Thailand
I teach English to young software developers. We use your site on a very regular basis. It is very user-friendly and useful.”
  — Bernard Deconinck, Belgium
Thanks for your great website! It is very helpful for me to manage students. Thank you very much!”
  — Yaser Teymurzade
Excellent stuff! Isn't the rule of thumb that we forget 80% of new vocabulary within 24 hours if we don't use it? Thankfully English 4 IT uses the three r's: repetition, repetition, and repetition (of input, obviously, I'm not a totally communicative approach dinosaur).”
  — Suraigi
Thank you for this wonderful site!”
  — Valentina Chen, ITALY
This website is very useful for developing IT knowledge. It gives the basic skills and is very useful for beginners.”
  — Hariharan Mathivathanan, INDIA
Since we've been using English 4 IT, I've noticed my students are more interested and motivated. I will encourage my students to keep using your course until they complete all the activities.”
  — Diana Gutierrez, MEXICO
I believe that this course is very important for teachers or lecturers who teach English for IT students. It's very helpful. Thanks!”
  — Muhammad Wajiran, University of Yogyakarta INDONESIA
Your website inspired me and gave me a lot of ideas to help my students to learn online. Thank you so much again for such a great thing you've done”
  — Nootprapa, Ubon Rajabhat Rajabhat University THAILAND
This is quite an interesting site for teachers of technical English. It gives a lot of resources and information about various components of the computer which is an indispensable tool in the field of information technology and related areas.”
  — Nashipu Julius Pepandze, Lecturer, University of Cameroon
I'm glad because I've been looking for a website like this for months. Nice job!”
  — Suel Brito, BRAZIL
I am very happy with this course. I was searching a long time for something like this. I recommend it for everyone studying computer english”
  — Amadeu Alexandre, ANGOLA
It was very important for me to work from home. I could choose my own hours, day or night. By the end of the course I felt confident and well prepared for my future employment.”
  — Anna Jung, GERMANY