English 4 IT Activities

Below is a list of vocabulary sheets, readings, and exercises.

Unit # Vocabulary Reading Exercises
1. Welcome to English 4 IT   
2. Introduction to Software   
3. Operating Systems   
4. Software Applications   
5. IT Careers   
6. The Internet   
7. People in IT   
8. Measurements   
9. Programming Languages   
10. Computer Types   
11. Components   
12. Peripherals   
13. Networking   
14. The Keyboard: Part 1   
15. The Keyboard: Part 2   
16. Storage and Memory   
17. Input Devices   
18. Types of Removable Storage   
19. IT Slang: Part 1   
20. IT Slang: Part 2   
21. English for Electronics   
Autumn 2014

We re-engineered our speaking activities to be easier to use. Flash is still required but there is a new interface. Please try it out and let us know what you think.

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Things have been going well for us this Summer. Thank you for helping us remain the top English for IT destination on the Internet.

Thank you,

- Larry Zoumas

"I teach English to young software developers. We use your site on a very regular basis. It is very user-friendly and useful."

-Bernard Deconinck, Belgium

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